Project Information

  • Category: Card Game
  • Client: Marcelo Díaz Viana Neto
  • Class: Visual Communication and Interaction Design
  • Project date: Fall 2017

A Game of Sneaking Sweets

Brigadeiro is a colorful two-player card game about snatching as many delicious brigadeiro treats as possible before your Brazilian Grandma finds out.

Story: Your Brazilian family member is having a birthday party at home and the decorations are all setup. Your grandmother finished rolling balls of brigadeiro and set them on the living room table, but she told you not to have any until the party begins. However, you and your other family members can’t resist so you’re all trying to eat as many as you can while your grandma is out of the room.

Inspired by true events.

Digital Adaptation

Below are some wireframes for how gameplay would work if the card game were converted to digital form.

Storyboard 1

Main Menu

Storyboard 2


Storyboard 3

Your Hand

Storyboard 4


Storyboard 5

Your Turn

Storyboard 6


Storyboard 7

Winning Cards

Storyboard 8

New Brigadeiro

Storyboard 9


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