game concepts

Project Information

  • Category: Construct 3 Game
  • Client: Noah Wardrip-Fruin
  • Class: Foundations of Video Game Design
  • Project date: Winter 2018

A Game of Sacrifice

Opoffering is a puzzle game about a baby hippo who gets surrounded by crocodiles while trying to save a bird. Every movement made causes its parents to get closer and closer to getting eaten by the lions, so every move is sacrifice.

Check out the gameplay!

How the game works:

  • As the player moves, the parents move with it once it’s touched the water
  • If the hippos touch the lions they get eaten
  • If the baby hippo touches the crocodiles then the game restarts
  • Your goal is to save the bird and bring it back to safety
  • Once you have the bird the crocodiles speed up, making the game harder

In this game, collision takes the “expansive” approach of the logic by meaning both death and survival. Running into a lion or crocodile will kill you, while overlapping with the bird or a parent brings safety. Because of this, the communicative goal of collision is shifted between life and death. This ties into the procedural rhetoric of the game. Having the collision mechanic be both translates into how life and death are connected in the circle of life, which is the metaphor represented by the behavior of the crocodiles spinning in circles. Death of one animal means the lasting life of another.

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