Project Information

  • Category: Board Game
  • Client: Marcelo Díaz Viana Neto
  • Class: Visual Communication and Interaction Design
  • Project date: Fall 2018
  • Project URL: Design Process

A Super Smash Bros. Adaptation

Hyper Hit Dudes is a tabletop adaptation of Super Smash Bros that focuses on translating the game’s combat system to a multitier board game. The game's actions (attack, block, jump, etc.) are represented with cards that have special ranges where each action takes place on the game’s board. The range element of the game lead to the design of an isometric view, rather than the game's original frontal view, with a multitiered board made up of hexagons. This meant that players would need to be tactical in their maneuvering when dealing attacks, which all have different statistics depending on the player’s character, as well as when attempting to avoid damage.

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