Project Information

  • Category: Unity Platforming Game
  • Client: UC Santa Cruz Computational Media Department
  • Project date: Fall 2018 - Spring 2019
  • Project URL:

A Game About Lending a Hand

Rise is a co-op platformer adventure! One player takes control of an ambitious one-armed squirrel wanting to reach the top of the forest, while the other plays as a tree with parasitic mistletoe. In order to achieve their goals, they must work together to make it through the four seasons in the forest.

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Rise has plenty of features, including:

  • 4 unique seasons, each with its own climate that increases in difficulty
  • Items to collect and obstacles to avoid
  • The ability to change the graphics quality mid-game

As a squirrel player, your goal is to reach the top of the tree before the timer runs out. You can grab acorns that allow the tree player to place branches, as well as mistletoe that opens up spiderweb platforms. Jump (and double jump) your way to the top!

As the tree player, your ultimate goal is to help the squirrel remove all your parasitic mistletoe on its way to the top! You can place branches as well as delete them. If you get too far from the squirrel, no worries! You can always teleport to your curious companion.

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